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The Ethiopian entrepreneur who wants to disrupt the paper industry

During the first year of her studies at Addis Ababa University, Bethelhem Dejene Abebe visited the Atkilt Tera market, the biggest fruit and vegetable market in Ethiopia, with her mother. The conditions at the market shocked her enough to decide that waste management was what she wanted to commit her life...

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Ethiopian MSMEs response to Covid-19 crisis

With the current global pandemic, most Micro,Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are pivoting their business towards making face masks to help the prevention of the spread of the virus and to make money. LiNu Manufacturing P.L.C is one of those MSMEs. It was founded by Lidia Million in 2013...

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Recycled Plastic Bottles

Selamawit Thomas has a simple idea with a far-reaching impact. She is confident that her dream of recycling plastic bottles that are littered all over her beloved city would not just be good for the environment but also in its beautification. She also wants to use her idea as a way of creating...

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