Women Entrepreneurship Training

This training is designed to support and promote entrepreneurship among women understanding the extra burden that women face in owning and running their business. The Women Entrepreneurship Training (WET) is a two-day intensive training with an emphasis on women entrepreneurs with limited business experiences and/or at early stage of running business.
On top of aiming at equipping the participants with the PECs, the training also aims at developing participants with the skills necessary to increase their assertiveness in doing business. Moreover, the training addresses challenges that women entrepreneurs often face and discuss possible solutions to help them address these challenges.

As the training is customized from the ETW to suit the needs of women entrepreneurs, training methodology applied in providing ETW is employed. Accordingly, CET is a practical, hands-on, attitudinal and behavioral change training program built upon adult learning principles. Much of the facilitation is done by way of case studies, games, role play, exercises and experiential sharing.
Participants who successfully complete the programme and fulfill the training requirements will be provided with a Certificate of Participation. The requirements include full attendance of all sessions, and successfully completing assignments throughout the 2-day training programme.